Psyllium for Dogs & Cats

Psyllium for Dogs & Cats

Psyllium can be used as pet food which has many different and result oriented functions. It is derived from the seed “Plantago Ovata” (Botanical name of psyllium).The other beneficial aspect which is gained from psyllium is “Mucilage”, which is used as type of soluble fibre with unique high water binding capacities. Absorption of psyllium in water is up to 40 times its own weight. This can result in a bulking effect in the digestive tract and can also impact gastrointestinal (GI) motility and transit rate.

This unique characteristics makes it valuable for many different purposes including:

1.    Demanding appetite of some dogs & cats can be satisfied which can be helpful in improvising their diets.
2.    Feeling of relaxation and fullness can be derived. (as psyllium can absorb 40 times its own weight in water).
3.    Stabilize weight & weight loss.
4.    Reduction in calorie consumption.
5.    Cures gastric and helps in promoting fullness.
6.    Promotes an optimal stool quality.
7.    Constipation: By forming gel with water in the colon which helps in lubricate the stool and make easier to pass.
8.    Soft stools: It helps in absorbing excess water in the colon and assist in forming a solid stool.
9.    Manages diabetes.
10. Blood glucose levels are regulated.

Which breeds can benefit for psyllium?

1.    Dogs & Cats with Overweight
2.    Diabetic animals
3.    Large breed with softer stools
4.    Small breed with constipated stools

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